2017 Toyota Prius C TRD Sportivo Review

2017 Toyota Prius C TRD Sportivo Review

2017 Toyota Prius C TRD Sportivo Review. Toyota Prius C TRD See you all in the c series of the new personality of the Prius. With amazing electric lime metal or Pearl cherry accents, located around the vehicle, this special edition is obviously making a bold statement was everywhere. This fun journey need a wheel to match with. The Prius c series person gets slim 15 inch black rims to secure amp per style.

Most people do not realize the informant - unless you are driving the Prius new c series person. Don't miss the Lima electric metal accented Pearl cherry or informant. There are many things that a special edition of the Prius c, and one of them is exclusive series character emblem which help to add uniqueness.
2017 Toyota Prius C TRD Sportivo Review

2017 Toyota Prius C  Design

This is a style that can count. The Prius c stand out with the low standard single LED projector headlight and fog and high beams lights LEDS available in aggressive style of grill. The Prius c helps to leave a small footprint while making an impression. Just a friendly heads: another car will slow down to see better in the Prius tail light. Design of LED to help you show off your rear bumper side, expressive and sporty remind everyone that this hybrid is always for fun.
The Prius C is a perfect road trip is associated with Entune™ Audio System is a powerful, comfortable chairs, wrapped in a cloth interior striking two-tone, and sunroof available to let out. This is the perfect place to hang out with friends and brainstorming of ideas to change the world.

 2017 Toyota Prius C Eco-Advanced.

Thanks to the highway mpg estimated EPA and 53 46 mpg in town, Prius c ensure fun go further. Gas station always looks better when you are driving past them. Do you know what is cooler than a single resource? The two of them. Hybrid Synergy Drive® Gets a combination of more efficient, more reliable than a petrol engine and electric motor. They work independently or at the same time, moves you in the most efficient manner possible.

2017 Toyota Prius C TRD Sportivo Review

With the Prius c, you can choose the mode of driving you want. Under certain conditions, in the mode of the Prius EV, c functions completely based on batteries up to one and half miles. ECO Mode helps to maximize fuel economy, limiting the operation of the climate control and adjust the throttle response. The Prius c is rated as a super Ultra low emissions (SULEV) vegetable, average gasoline vehicles smog-forming a term that indicates that they produce emissions.

2017 Toyota Prius C  Multimedia System

Stay connected with your songs and more available Entune™ Premium Audio with integrated navigation and application Suite. Equipped with technology that you crave, this intelligent multimedia systems help make reservations for dinner with OpenTable®, track your cool with Pandora®, buy tickets for movies with MovieTickets.com, and lets you listen to Internet radio with Slacker Radio. And with the direction of the navigation system, the fun easier than ever. Keep your hands the wheel in the city traffic is a good thing. Bluetooth® wireless technology allows you to make calls from phones compatible with audio system c Prius and listen to music from a compatible Bluetooth® device are compatible. Your favorite rock songs wherever you go. Connect your iPod® to the Prius audio system via a standard USB port. There is also an auxiliary audio to other music players.

2017 Toyota Prius C TRD Sportivo Review

2017 Toyota Prius C  Technology

Very easy is that in the Prius c with style. With the Smart is available in a pocket or purse Keychain, understand only driver or front passenger door handle your Prius c to open it. In addition, the engine is started by pressing a button. Trying to set a record of hypermiling? You will have your eyes on the road. This function is possible to put a duplicate image of the flyer multi information display controls, so you know if the desired button is pressed.
Hey, cool nights that there is a reason to not go out. Give the Prius c, an extra touch of comfort with SofTex® cut available seats with heated front seats. In addition, take a look around frost-free with heating power outside mirrors are available. Taking the approach of a hand. With control of the wheel, you are in charge of the audio, climate, multi-screen information and full mobile phone Bluetooth®, directly from the steering wheel.

2017 Toyota Prius C TRD Sportivo Review

2017 Toyota Prius C  Eco Monitoring

Displayed information you need to maximize fuel economy. With information from the screen, multi color display shows a variety of data, including cruise ships, fuel economy, EV driving distance, travel and outdoor temperature timer. Power monitor display the performance of the hybrid system in real time, so you can see your Prius c running at optimal efficiency. Hybrid Synergy Drive® always use resources more efficient.
If you know how to save, know you how much is spent at the Mall. Allows saving of fuels and vehicles mpg average input echo compared the Prius c. help improve the fuel economy, the Prius c has the look of ECO efficient rates how driving in three different categories: home, cruising and stop - then gives a value of up to 100.

2017 Toyota Prius C  Engineering

The Prius c with large cities and small portions of the parking lot, in mind. As a member of the family that is smaller and more affordable Prius, Prius c making connections in the city easier and more fun than ever. We believe that you will like more space and superior handling comes from balancing the weight of the car. So design a battery Nickel Metal hydride (Ni-MH) covered to match the space the backseat to lower center of gravity and maximize interior space.

Aerodynamically speaking, the Prius c is soft enough. The lump on the back light? It's a vortex generator. They help to improve the control in a straight line and overall efficiency dictate the behavior of airflow around the vehicle. And have given large steps of sound absorbent to avoid noises foreign outside, add greater comfort and tranquillity of the second Prius cabins. In addition to being good, rear spoiler on the Prius c helps to increase the dynamics of air flow at the rear of the vehicle. Also added other important design elements: PO.

2017 Toyota Prius C  Versatility

There is no problem in the installation of teeth or your dog in the car. The Prius c has plenty of space, thanks to 60/40 split folding rear seats available. Instead of just 17.1 cubic feet cargo volume, but also a variety of ways to configure it. The Prius c make sure that you leave nothing behind, not above all your stuff. Bags, crew, football, with 17.1 cubic feet of volume of cargo behind the rear seats, there is a place for all that. With a passenger of four doors and rear liftgate, the Prius c is a car that is easy to enter. Rear cargo area of the back door to make it easier to pick up what you need along for the ride.

2017 Toyota Prius C  Toyota Safety

We have recently developed available Toyota safety sense™ C (TSS-C) is the package of safety equipment that combines a pre-collision system (PC), alert (LDA) lane departure and high Auto get (AHB) to help you. Working together, the system that helps to prevent the incident three General: head-on collision, unintended lane and poor visibility of the night. The comprehensive features of the TSS-C make security at the time, designed to support awareness and taking of decisions on the road. This intuitive system is available to help you avoid a frontal collision in certain situations through the use of a forward facing laser and radar cameras that scan the road ahead. If you detect a possible collision, alert you with Visual and audible warnings, and brake support is automatically enabled. If the brakes are not applied and the system determines the possibility of collision with other vehicles is very high, the system can automatically apply the brakes, slow down to help avoid collisions or reduce the impact of.

2017 Toyota Prius C TRD Sportivo Review

Available lane departure warning 16 (LDA) is designed to help you stay in your lane and helps keep you safe from harm. Using a special camera, the system can detect signals painted come on the road and will alert you if you start to drift out of the way. A long beep and the indicator light on the instrument panel will Flash so that you can then take corrective action. Auto high beam (AHB) system available that allows you to increase the visibility, helping to safe temperature conduction. Use the camera to detect speeding vehicles automatic high beams, lamps may be to switch between high and low beam for you.

The Prius c come standard with nine airbags, including front passenger advanced Airbag System. In particular, a severe collision sensors designed to control the severity of the effects of adjustments for the use of appropriate bags. Each Prius c came with Star Safety System™ for Toyota, an advanced suite of six safety features standard on every new Toyota, offering. The system includes stability control vehicle (VSC), traction control, anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic distribution of brake pressure (EBD), brake assist (BA) and Smart Stop Technology® (SST). There is a large amount of energy released on impact. The Prius c is equipped with a wrinkle areas help to draw energy from the cabin that absorb energy.

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