2018 Lexus LF LC Concept Specs

2018 Lexus LF LC Concept Specs

2018 Lexus LF LC Concept SpecsLexus LF LC Concept since its inception in 2007, the performance of Lexus Division has built some of the most dynamic vehicle on the road today. "F" is a descendant of grips for vehicles that are optimize to style and performance is the blasting of high octane. When Lexus performance division at its inception, the team gathered that you will be devoted to the hiring of ultra-driver performance and extreme. Become a team of "F", as homage to the birthplace of the division and the reasons of main test, Mount Fuji Fuji Speedway, Japan.

2018 Lexus LF LC Concept Specs

One of the first teams of f: challenges for the development of cars that stretched beyond the High-revving engine or impressive aerodynamics, the car mix the five senses. Some might say that they more than delivered! After nearly 10 years of research, development and testing in the challenging world class as Fuji and Nürburgring Germany, F Division tracks presented by Lexus's first supercar-ALF.

Lexus LF is a series of cars concept built by Lexus, the luxury Division of Toyota Motor Corporation vehicle. The LF term refers to the Future of Lexus. Coupes/convertibles model, including the LF series vehicles have: LF-A, the LF-A Roadster CL, the LF-LF-CC and the LF-C; sedan: LF-S, the LF-Sh, and LF-Gh; Crossover SUV: X LF and LF-Xh; and hatchbacks: the first LF-Ch concept of series LF, LF-X vehicle, appeared in 2003. LF-series using L-finesse design philosophy, called Vanguard and refinement, which is built at the concept of the LF series and then extended to all new production of Lexus vehicles. New technology in Advanced instrumentation including the LF series, the configuration of the selected drivers of vehicles, hybrid vehicle and non-conventional experimental thrusters and controller interface design.

2018 Lexus LF LC Performance

Loaded a 4.8-liter V10 Engine that rockets from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.7 seconds and a lightning six-speed automatic gearbox sequential (ASG), LFA offers the main driving experience. With plastic body reinforced with carbon fiber that is unique to the exceptional rigidity and light weight construction, the LFA is strong and balanced. With the electric power steering provides incredible response.

2018 Lexus LF LC Concept Specs

ALF is the unsurpassed beauty, reflected in every angle and curve. L-finesse-inspired exterior slim, athletic and muscular. Cabin two-seater centering on the conductor carefully perfected in all respects and incorporates innovations such as shoulder belt air bags is the world first, reducing secondary injury of ultra speed collision. 500 LFA produced, handmade, between December 2016 and December 2018, each configured as per the wide range of options - clamps to the colors of the rug. Each LFA V10 is hand-built by a single engineer and carries his signature.

2018 Lexus LF LC Technology

F RC new, Almighty new coupe is threatening the most powerful V8 engine that Lexus has done. 'Elegance' and 'intimidation', equal parts all over the body, Grill mesh and quad exhaust, is just the beginning. Amazing colors available such as solar flares and infrared, the only thing that remains to do is to build your own. F RC has Lexus 5.0 litre V8 engine more powerful. Able to generate more than 450 horsepower, F RC more life to boldly inspired performance objectives ready to answer the call of the road.\

2018 Lexus LF LC Concept Specs

Agreement with the legacy of the famous F of Lexus F RC steeped in a series of examples of design that are showing its construction and signal aggressive intent thoroughly. Signature of spindle lattice Lexus dominates the front, with a delicate pattern "F" incorporated in the mesh under the Lexus symbol. Exhaust pipes v outputs Quad stacked back add the finishing touches to the threat.
2018 Lexus LF LC Exterior and Interior

Slip on the Lexus GS F is like entering a modern jet fighter cockpit. Seats of the mould, the type of high quality Alcantara, you embraces firmly in place during joyful maneuvers. The classic analog clock and the center of the dashboard of Grace's video monitor. Sophisticated electronic instruments including reading G-Force, and can be between four different screens, depending on driving style: Normal, sport and Eco, sport S S +.

2018 Lexus LF LC Concept Specs

Lexus is F RC Ko overview of each optimal aerodynamics, sculpture and cooling. In the profile view, unique front hood mount. From the front, it is striking the network of spindle dominated the campaign on the lower lip, showing a pattern of mesh RC F-exclusive. The support grate scoop of air in the form of L, followed carefully tuned and Aero-stabilizing fins at the bottom. In the rear spoiler trapezoidal quad output, stack add to the impression of aggressive force. 2 variation of 10-spoke forged aluminum 19 'available with class. wheels, which are machine polished a blind man.

In the cockpit of the F RC, low seats, seat, with an impressive relief "F" on the headrest - very assisted and only created to disperse the pressure of the body and keeps you firmly planted during the joyous ride. F of Lexus RC debut Lexus elliptical section of grip thick steering wheel that is feels as if is molded to your hands. The positioning of the wheel, forms and fingers of the paddle sifters make it easy to adjust the gear-shift while driving in control, which permits the total driver involvement to the RIP around the track.

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