2018 Toyota Hilux SRX5 Australia

2018 Toyota Hilux SRX5 Australia

2018 Toyota Hilux SRX5 Australia. Toyota Hilux SRX5 The release event of the new eighth generation Toyota HiLux comes at a very important time, there has been more activity in the segment of light commercial vehicles this year that had the brilliance of what had been the best-selling models in the segment for years in recent memory, with new models and versions.

2018 Toyota Hilux SRX5 Australia

In fact, sales of HiLux is in something of a depression, because there was a previous generation deplete stocks of the model. In August, Ford Ranger more Toyota HiLux for the first time, while Mitsubishi Triton also managed over rival Japan. However, it remains a top seller general HiLux for 2015, and is also the second model of Toyota in Australia.

With this update, the buyer will be happy to know that things are not different from the model that replaces the precio-pero in terms of the level of standard equipment on all models has increased considerably in the new and renewed competition. Furniture standard for all them models Toyota HiLux new generation AC-can you create that continues being option $ 2053 in the model of them colleagues of work? -touch screen media and Bluetooth phone and audio streaming system. Inputs model get a screen of 3.8 inches, while top-spec models have a unit of 7.0 inches with expanded connectivity, and ship navigation by satellite and digital radio models. It is the first joint venture in the class that come with touch screen as a standard in the range.

Even with the inflexible overseas hardness, HiLux offers unparalleled level and deep space. Everything has its place, create practical works HiLux comfort. This incredible level of appointments Interior correspond to the superior ride quality and tranquility have been enhanced to provide a more pleasant in each of the HiLux experience.

With the attitude of a vast and impressive presence, HiLux is deliberately designed to make it easier to load and handle the toughest jobs and every part powerful integral looks. With the front bumper and grill that contrast, through the operation of muscle dynamics and wheel flares integrated throughout the body, HiLux models take toughness into a new dimension.

While it is built to handle almost anything you can throw at it, HiLux each also has connections that could be resolved with the technological advances of Toyota. This not only makes driving more enjoyable, but also contributes to the experience better and safer when you're on the road.

Every HiLux was specifically designed and tuned to handle the demands of the way Australia are unforgiving, whether in the city or isolated good HiLux has you covered with durable wishbone suspension and underbody in the only 4 x 4 model and incorporating the latest 4WD Toyota.

2018 Toyota Hilux SRX5 Australia

What the situation requires, with HiLux always have the power to do the job. Engine 2.4 l Turbo-diesel is available in 4 x 2 HiLux workmate ute and up to 400 nm of torque and fuel efficiency as low as 7.1 L / 100 km [G11] (manual transmission). In the fifth generation of Mr. HiLux model and automatic, Turbo-diesel pump from 2.8 L to grunty 450Nm pulling power with fuel efficiency as low as 7.3 L / 100 km [G11], making it one of the strongest of the HiLux, the most powerful engine.
If you go to work or on the road, you'll have peace of mind knowing every HiLux is filled with the latest technology and security features and has been awarded the highest rating safety ANCAP 5 stars. A wide range of body types and accessories bespoke make it very versatile and adaptable of the ute. While the option of flexible financing, services price-cap, proven reliability and durability have made HiLux as worry free as possible in the long term.

2018 Toyota Hilux SRX5 Interior

As the unprecedented level of interior styling and advanced technology features are matched with ride top quality and peace of mind to provide more experience across the range of the HiLux. In the fifth 4 x 4 double cab Turbo Diesel variants, interior accents leather optional extras give a touch of sophistication.

Step and is surrounded by indoor spaces well thought out ergonomic appeal. Everything is where it should be, easy to access and easy to use. Each features a power window HiLux, a Chair cover resistant material that provides excellent comfort and support, even after a long day on the road. In addition you'll find heaps of useful pockets and compartments to keep all your important items such as sunglasses, clothing and accessories from work.

2018 Toyota Hilux SRX5 Australia

Sor and the fifth generation HiLux utes, cold air conditioning sit on top of the glove box and is perfect to keep your meal or a cool drink at a temperature that can be set. And the accessory takes 220V in the fifth generation model is ideal for charging your laptop or phone calls on the go. It can be tough as nails on the outside, but in anything other than the HiLux.

2018 Toyota Hilux SRX5 Exterior

Thick front and Grill, a dynamic contrast with the line through the muscle pulling flares, integrated in a wide body and models 18-inch alloy in the fifth, HiLux take toughness into a new dimension.
Colleagues and SR model has the halogen and daytime headlights lamps (lamps), while the fifth demonstration under LED headlamps with daytime and automatic leveling lamps (lamps).
Depending on the requirements of your team, you can choose between single CAB, extra cab or type cuerpo-doble - cabin in a mixture of 4 x 2 and 4 x 4 configurations totaling 31 variants in the range of the HiLux. Step into the Hi-Rider and you will appreciate the heavy duty suspension and underbody protection 4 x 4 with the simplicity of everyday 4 x 2, while the entire model extra-Cab has the greater functionality of easy access rear door open

2018 Toyota Hilux SRX5  Performance

More than numbers, this machine has been developed produce maximum torque at RPM can be low. This means that the power is delivered smoothly, always provide improved maneuverability circulating street or low load conditions. And then it is matched with a train of drive which is designed to provide raw power.

Suspension of HiLux specially developed to handle the demands of the toughest conditions of Australia solved easily while delivering confidence handling characteristics established by the surprisingly smooth implementation process. He new machines GD is have developed of the land for up to provide a power without previous, effort of torque and reliability combined with a performance exceptional. All new 2.4 L Turbo diesel-colega on the value of the combination of response, reliability and power of attraction by the same amount.

If you're in city or highway, ute offers top quality and silent ride perfected to keep you comfortable all day. When it comes to serious grunt, either to choose a power diesel or gasoline for HiLux, you can rest assured in the knowledge that each machine has been developed to provide optimum performance with impressive and improved fuel efficiency, noise suppression. Hilux tow capacity closes up to 3.5 tons of stunning, even in the conditions of the road and shoulder to load heavy 1240 kg with ease.

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