2018 Toyota Prius V Release Australia

2018 Toyota Prius V Release Australia

2018 Toyota Prius V Release Australia. The surround of Prius v 2018 must with some it more active of the system of security and a series of measures of Fund to help to protect a collision occurred. Standard on the Prius v, 2018 is our security system star, which includes six leading accident avoidance technology: anti-lock braking system with brake assist, distribution, stability control, traction control vehicle and Smart stop Technology of electronic brake force.

2018 Toyota Prius V Release Australia

Pre-collision systems are designed to perform better defender a front coming collision and then it automatically takes actions to reduce injuries and damage. For example, the system can respond with its pilot and buzzer, applying extra brake power and tighten the seat belt. (Technology package). The Prius v surround you with a network of 7 airbags, protects passengers in the rear seats of almost all corners and front: dual-stage and driver airbag for the front passenger, driver knee airbag, front and front seat mounted side airbags and rear side airbags.

When the inevitable happens, the Prius v will protect you in the way of the unseen, but powerful. The structure of the body, for example, designed to absorb first and then transmits it the energy of the impact and the passenger cabin. In the case of a collision, injuries from whiplash Prius v reduce the movement of backrests (WIL) through a controlled, reducing the differential movement between the head and body and help minimize the possibility of injury.

The Prius v 2018 are safety and convenience of a camera. The image of what lies behind TI will be displayed on-screen display audio, very useful when you copy security or parallel parking. To warn pedestrians and cyclists to hybrid vehicles near silence, the Prius v have an audible alert system. The system is activated if the vehicle speed between 0 km and 20 km/h, if the vehicle is in the EV mode, or if the shift lever is not in a position "P".

 2018 Toyota Prius V Exterior

Family has never been so much fun driving. With the front of a smooth side, flowing and the rear LED taillights, our larger Prius brings a sense of style to a winning combination of interior roominess, cargo space is versatile and efficient fuel efficiency. The Prius v support even more thanks to the flashy available exterior colors as Pearl of toasted Walnut, metallic midnight black and Aqua Mica new galaxies. You never find yourself looking for your car in the parking lot is crowded again.
Say goodbye to Hello freedom space and fuel frequent stops. The Prius v icon and shape aerodynamics is another reason is one of the most efficient vehicles in its class. The peak of the roof also creates an interior space open and airy, with plenty of space for family, friends and the entire team.

2018 Toyota Prius V Release Australia

The Prius v allows you to see more and using less. LED flashlights of characteristics of Pack technology that almost instantly, requires less energy and help lower fuel consumption. It is also turning in-or-automatically in response to the level of ambient light. They have LED headlamps and taillights.

With the Prius v  release closest to you, smart key only needs to touch the driver's side door handle to lock and unlock. Grip of which handle of the door of the companion and the hatch back also features with packages of luxury and technology, functionality of the sensor. Keep warm in winter and cool in summer with roof panoramic, available with technology package. Two large with screens of energy roof window to allow the Sun to shine on it or block by pressing a button. Made of resin, the roof weighs 40 percent less than a conventional full-size glass roof.

2018 Toyota Prius V Interior

In the Prius v interior, you will find plenty of space for people and equipment, along with a variety of amenities, features such as air conditioning and a one-touch backup camera. For vehicles that are so huge, the Prius v is also surprisingly intimate. Intuitively designed dashboard and center console switch and place controls. Group metro and 4.2 "multi TFT display information to make important information more accessible than ever before. Easy to clean interior materials and warm colors combine practicality with comfort.

2018 Toyota Prius V Release Australia

The Prius v le allows carry its style of life, offer a lot of capacity of load for give you space for luggage enough. To add flexibility, 60/40 split rear seats and fold flat to easily handle a wide variety of objects, large and small. What is a road trip without favorite music from around the world? Prius audio standards v, including 6.1-inch show audio system AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA, audio input USB, Bluetooth® capability and a 6 speaker. Luxury and technology package adds premium, integrated satellite radio and Sirius XM navigation capabilities.

There is a bad seat in the House. Luxury and technology package includes an electrical conductor to 8 customized seat positions. Sliding and reclining seats so that rear passengers to find their personal comfort zone. In addition to cargo, the Prius v have several storage compartments allow you to eat smaller items, including the glove box, center console that opens on the side for easy access and large enough for a bag and a tray under the front of the instrument panel.

 2018 Toyota Prius V Performance

Fuel economy, low emissions and exceptional acceleration does not usually appear in the same sentence - except when we talk about hybrids Toyota. With a degree of efficiency of combined fuel 5.6 L 100 km †, the get from v Prius where you need to go to use less and emit less. Sales of hybrid vehicles accumulated for more than 8 million worldwide, and more than 100,000 in hybrid system of Canada-Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) is most evident in the world.

2018 Toyota Prius V Release Australia

Select from four modes of driving for different driving conditions. For example, in EV, the Prius v can run completely in the power of the battery under certain conditions. ECO mode to reduce air conditioning output and reduces the behavior of accelerator pedal to help reduce emissions and maximize fuel efficiency against a comparably equipped gas engine vehicle. Power mode increases the response of the throttle to accelerate faster and more fun driver's performance. The Prius v helps you to develop more environmentally friendly driving habits and make the most of every litre. The indicator of the system hybrid you allows you to know when you is driving low consumption of fuel. The indicator EV driving came when stops motor gasoline and travel on electricity only.

The Prius v single tone bounce control and can make your trip family run smoothly. A special controller senses road violence, then work even a trip through subtle changes in torque hybrid. The system of suspension Prius v designed to give stable handling and a smooth ride, with MacPherson struts at the front and torsion beam at the rear. Shock absorbers and springs are placed strategically to open more cargo space inside.

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