2019 Toyota Fortuner Concept

2019 Toyota Fortuner Concept

2019 Toyota Fortuner Concept. 2019 Toyota Fortuner is serious hard, but never soft on security. When you travel with precious burden of the family, have always convince the confidence of knowing the Fortuner has been designed with security as a priority and greater honor ANCAP 5 star safety rating. Not let that the appearance you fool, the Fortuner is built from the base almost each area or to perform gently and strong while traveled in the road. When is is of the rancor, engine 4 cylinder Turbo-diesel, 2.8 L developed from the beginning to provide reliability and response without preceding.

2019 Toyota Fortuner Concept

With origins influenced and inspired by the iconic SUV from Toyota and the unbreakable variety HiLux, Toyota Fortuner 2019 proudly as heritage offers already proven 4WD. not us kid, each Fortuner is a genuine 4 x 4 with the capacity to take the challenge of even the conditions harder of Australia.

Fortuner is more than a hard shell, are also packed with the latest technology and smart thinking of Toyota. Of outside towards in and from the Fund until the part superior, will find a lot of features smart that not only make a car very pleasant, but also a form more subtle for exit and explore.
There are intentionally evil sharp, sculptural lines of the Fortuner exterior. Front of the headlamps, with thick chrome surround on the Crusades and the GXL, combines with fat three-dimensional shapes to create trapezoid stops a bold and elegant. While the position of the height and width from the front and rear Fender check the hardness of a sophisticated style with modern lines, emphasized by the Fortuner.

Although it is built for adventure, from the step time inside you will find the Fortuner was completed to provide a level of comfort and usability are very smooth. There is room to accommodate all the world with seven seats are full size with easy to bend to quickly change the Fortuner's family transporter to an engine prepared for the convenience of action adventure 4WD.

2019 Toyota Fortuner Off-Road, 4WD Capability

Electronic transfer button is easy to choose between the different heights of 2WD or 4WD and when the going gets tough, change range low 4WD. steel reinforced low protection provides an additional layer of Defense to convince rebel when traveling on a loose or uneven surface.
Make no mistake, every Toyota Fortuner is a genuine 4 x 4 with the ability to take on the challenge of even the harshest conditions of Australia. You will have control of the Hill-start assist (HAC) and downhill assist control (DAC) easy to go up or down steep slopes. Active traction control (A-TRC) automatically distributes the drive wheels with better grip for control in slippery and uneven surfaces. Lock rear differential standard on every Toyota Fortuner and most improve the Road off with pedigree and performance.

2019 Toyota Fortuner Concept

Help downhill control (DAC) standard in Fortuner GXL and crusade. While driving down a steep slope where the engine brake is not enough to reduce the speed of the vehicle, controlled automatic power brakes to keep a vehicle in low speed. It is possible to go down a slope without locking the tires while keeping the vehicle stable and allows you to concentrate on the direction of operation, even when driving down a slippery slope, steep or rugged. Steel reinforced low protection provides an additional layer of Defense when traveling on a loose or uneven surface.

2019 Toyota Fortuner Technology

To facilitate loading and unloading Fortuner crusade, with rear door was opened and closed without the driver needing to leave their seats or controlled from the rear of the car. In addition to the memory function allows you to set and control how much until it is opened, so it is ideal for when parked in areas with little space.

Connect your smartphone with Toyota links and use a variety of different functions to find accommodation, planning a trip and fuel and receive advice in real time. Receive easy-to-follow instructions and up-to-date meteorological information as well as download the latest music that flows through the Pandora® application.

2019 Toyota Fortuner Concept

2019 Fortuner is also almost impossible to stop in carrying heavy loads or difficult conditions when you turn smart Manual (i-MT) in GXL transmission or the Crusades. Using sensors to configure automatically the revolutions of the engine to levels optimal in the gear of change and move.
Take accessories of 12V x 3 is standard in each one of the Fortuner or manage your team personal. Step into the cross model and you will enjoy accessory AC220V takes on the back of the center console. GXL and Crusades, entry and smart start system allows you to enter and while the key is in your pocket or purse,

Audio controls, adjustments of cruise control and much more without the hand you need to let the steering wheel. You can connect all your devices and Smartphones suited with full connectivity via Bluetooth® Unit 7 "audio. Fortuner crusade have integrated navigation system by satellite that shows direction through 7 "display audio units.

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