Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ 2017 Review

Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ 2017 Review

Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ 2017 Review. Unbreakable, unforgettable outside. Any HiLux and easily can confuse it for the full interior of SUV that hard as nails of worker. Each one is filled with comfort and the latest technology to bring a new era of 'hardness' delicate soft ride game, and which are equally appreciated being established or hard labor day for a special night in the city.

Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ 2017 Interior and Exterior

Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ 2017 Along with the convenience of travel and exceptional interior features and appointments, DNA HiLux will find it difficult use more refined than before. In it that will always be cool in the hottest days with air conditioning mounted in series to each HiLux, it was only in the fifth zone climate control. System of entry and Starter smart also you allows enter and while the key remains in the Pocket in a fifth model of the generation.

Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ 2017 Review

When it comes to great sound, display AM / FM CD Player audio system, includes connectivity for USB, AUX and Bluetooth®, sure that make you tremble, rise up to six speakers in the fifth. Once running, 4.2 "multi-information display (mid) SR. and the fifth offers important information travel and vehicle including the outdoor temperature and the rate of average fuel consumption." Together with the unit integrated in the fifth satellite navigation, you will go directly to the next project or purpose with the minimum of fuss. A time running, 4.2-inch Multi information Mr. of display (MID) and the ute fifth provides you with information of the tour and vehicles important including the rate of consumption outside temperature and medium of fuel." Together with the unit of navigation by satellite of the fifth integrated audio [N1], you will go directly to the next project or purpose with the minimum of fuss.

Screen of information multiple located in the dashboard, just a bit of the line of vision of the driver. This allows you to easily and safely monitor levels of consumption of fuel, time and speed while driving. Cruise control come standard in the range of the HiLux and it allows you to adjust the desired speed and automatically controls the throttle for you. Easily activated and adjusted from the steering wheel and is very useful when driving at high speed road conditions or when towing heavy loads.
Perfect for the endless stretches of highway, Cruise Control helps to maintain speed without the constant throttle settings and check the speedo.

Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ 2017 Review

If you're going uphill in the wind in front or cruise along a long stretch of open road, the system continuously opening the throttle to help keep the speed selection for all whenever you want-until you touch the brake or accelerator pedal, which automatically adjusts the system.
With the attitude of a vast and impressive presence, HiLux ute looks every part the powerful off-roader. Deliberately designed to ease the burden and handle the toughest jobs, will be friendlier when it's time to head into the city.

Thick front and Grill, a dynamic contrast with the line through the muscle pulling flares, integrated in a wide body and models 18-inch alloy in the fifth, HiLux take toughness into a new dimension.
Colleagues and SR model has the halogen and daytime headlights lamps (lamps), while the fifth demonstration under LED headlamps with daytime and automatic leveling lamps (lamps).
Depending on the requirements of your team, you can choose between single CAB, extra cab or type double - cabin in a mixture of 4 x 2 and 4 x 4 configurations totaling 31 variants in the range of the HiLux. Step into the Hi-Rider, and you will appreciate the heavy duty suspension and underbody protection 4 x 4 with the simplicity of everyday 4 x 2, while the entire model extra-Cab has the greater functionality of easy access rear door open

Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ 2017 Performance

Gasoline engine 4 cylinder 2.7 liter VVT-i engine is designed to help keep the costs without sacrificing the performance levels you need. When choosing a HiLux with a gasoline engine, it may be that you get the awesome power and fuel economy [G11] in the same size. 2.7 L Dual petrol engine features VVT-i rocker arm reduction of weight, valve springs and followers increase fuel engine consumption of low-friction technology has also been adopted in the 2.7 L VVT-I engine gasoline to optimize the performance and efficiency of fuel [G11] ensures that you can go further in terms of the most efficient way.

Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ 2017 Review

In addition to giving a great performance, we work hard to provide the reliability that we know that it is very important to keep the owners work all the time. These machines use the DIS (direct ignition system), VVT-i, fuel long nozzle injectors and long reach spark plug wire. And continue lowering costs in the long term, using the tensioner from chain of distribution, chain and throttle body version to facilitate the service.

Dual VVT-i engine varies the time of both valves, ensuring the optimum time of exhaust intake and exhaust cams according to conditions of operation, allowing the HiLux to the superior in strength and effectiveness. VVT-i gasoline engine V6 4.0 L is lightweight, compact and silent while providing high performance delivers strong tone 175kW 375Nm of torque and power and comply with EURO IV emissions.

Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ 2017Technology and Safety

So is easier of get in movement with the fifth generation use HiLux, Toyota smart keyless of the entry and smart start also le allows enter and exit without have the key of the Pocket. As you have your keychain remote control with you, the system detects when you are in range, and that it approach the car automatically prepares to open for you. Everything you need to do is touch the button on the handle of the door handle driver door or front of the passenger. Once the system has detected the smart entry key approaches, automatically verify the security ID and then do everything you need to start the car is to press the Start button.

Intelligent Manual transmission (i-MT), standard on the model Turbo-diesel HiLux fifth, is the first in the world take the truck with this technology. Manual selection of-MT revolute of gears automatically adjusting the optimal engine speed to allow for smooth gear changes possible, if it up or down and help to make it almost impossible to jamming, making driving safe and smooth, especially when carrying heavy loads.

The Toyota offers 6-speed of manual transmission 6-speed Auto or manual 5-speed transmission that has been optimized to deliver smooth drives can use a gear ratio that makes the best use of the strengths available in all conditions and finally puts less strain on the motor.
If you go to work or on the road, you'll have peace of mind knowing the HiLux has a maximum security 5 star ANCAP rating. Seven airbags SRS, including side, curtain and knee for driver airbags are standard in the range. Reversing camera is standard fit into the pick-up variant HiLux with screen guidelines static features to help make the March in spaces reduced not only safer, but also more easily.

Braking system antilock (ABS) Intelligent with electronic feature of Brake-force could help to break the vehicle as soon as possible safely, while traction control (TRC) and vehicle stability control (VSC) helps you keep control on the slippery surface and help provide greater control when cornering.
Although is very difficult, HiLux also have the brain to coincide with brawn with many features of security, including anti-lock, system of brakes anti-lock (ABS) mounted of series in all the models.

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