2017 Lexus RX 350 F Sport Engine

2017 Lexus RX 350 F Sport engine

2017 Lexus RX 350 F Sport Engine. Experience a luxurious ROAR. 2017 RX stuns with style but flirts with the power. Completely redesigned inside and out, the RX line offers more power, greater flexibility and greater control. Returned and strengthen is to leverage the power of a robust chassis new, suspension optimized gives a management right with the process of implementation surprisingly soft. And, with the V6 engine from 3.5 liters with direct fuel injection and the port, all the RX model for fuel efficiency and low emissions. Performance top, greater power and stability in an incredible lines straight that is attached to give a SUV that makes rather than run the program. Stop it.

2017 Lexus RX 350 F Sport Engine

Stay in control and all-wheel drive with active torque control is available. Intelligent system monitors road conditions in real time, automatically changes of engine power between the rear axles, while 100% of the power of the front and go to the front wheels during normal driving conditions to improve efficiency. Customize your car and maximize the efficiency and responsiveness.

Select driving mode allows you to make your vehicle more sensitive and efficient. Sports mode change chain kinematics for more dynamic and growing sense of management and faster throttle response. Normal mode provides the optimum balance of engine performance and fuel efficiency. Response ECO mode is to slow of the throttle, engine output and climate of power for greater fuel efficiency. The RX 450 h offers the highest efficiency of EV driving URmode.* makes vehicles more efficiently with a simple push of a button, the EV mode allows you to drive short distances at low speeds on just battery power. To strengthen their joy, F mode only sport sport S + add the addition of suspension to provide the level of responsiveness and steering system.

2017 Lexus RX 350 F Sport Engine

To form a greater connection with the road, the suspension in the sports of F exclusive RX by people who understand the best track-worthy performance the same team responsible for the suspension in the LFA supercar. Exclusive sport F RX also comes with the standard Adaptive variable suspension (AVS) and largest of AVS SPORT fashion so S + F RX sports offer exciting manipulation, linear address and ride as soft as a very elegant touch.

Inspired by clean lines and elegant design of the LFA supercar, sports features F RX exclusive full color electronic gauge cluster that provides metrics information in real time G-force, navigation, electricity information and much more.


Obviously raised style RX F edge sports, inside and out. Firm mesh grille and badging F sport announced the arrival of each one as one spoiler more low and dark graphite F alloy wheels only sport 20 inch * improve low vehicle, strong attitude. Dare became brilliant in the driver-centric cockpit inspired aluminum accent detail and Alf resume aggressive passion units.

2017 Lexus RX 350 F Sport Engine


RX sport F interior is elegant and aggressive command center. While most high-back seat sport assisted directed to you by chance, an ergonomic steering wheel adjusted grip perforated leather, aluminum pedals, its taste blades lever changes and unique instrumentation race-inspired support for the performance. Exclusive colors and embellishments, like pulling a red skin of Rioja adjustment and aluminum accents, complete the attraction of sport F efficient, male.


Feel confidence through each curve with F sport seats front sport designed to hold you through even of more aggressive change. Has with a construction of foam injected is unique and designed for profiling to the needs of the driver, position low that helped to puts point hip of the driver it more close possible to the barycenter of an experience of driving more dynamic of the car.
The RX 350 has the power to inspire. Motor V6 3.5 liter is enhanced by direct and port injection provides more power with fuel economy. With 295 horsepower, the RX 350 trick with a feeling of constant acceleration. For more control, the innovative dual synchronization Variable valve with intelligence (VVT-i) offers the performance of the engine according to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. VVT - i engine's load speed monitors, increase torque at lower speeds to improve acceleration and performance at high speeds by adjusting the intake and exhaust valve timing.
Spread at a speed of eight paddle shifters, available with a wide range of adjacent gear ratio it offers dynamic performance with smooth scrolling and fuel economy is excellent. Increase the torque in the lower range and maintain his composure at the high end, transmission RX helps to ensure efficiency and optimum performance.

Discover the efficiency with the edge with the new RX 450 h 2017. 3.5 V6 Atkinson cycle engine liter, along with Lexus Hybrid Drive and electronically controlled continuously variable transmission - a combined system provides a total of 308 horsepower * and the delivery of instant torque. The new 450 h Rx also offers certification super ultra-low emission (SULEV) and 30 combined MPG vehicles * ratings.

Intelligent Control of change helps to estimate if you are travelling uphill or downhill, and automatically provides optimal engine response. Or it can be manually changed to greater maneuverability and responsiveness.

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