2017 Toyota Auris Specs Performance Update

2017 Toyota Auris Specs Performance Update

2017 Toyota Auris Specs Performance Update. Toyota Auris 2017 is expected to have some changes small but nothing of this has been confirmed, but not doubt that the Auris will be as always be car of fashion and with style. One sure thing that Toyota will not save quality car, better performance with more features, the car will certainly be a valuable experience

2017 Toyota Auris Specs Performance Update

For starters, the 2017 Toyota Auris is a very stylish SUV, modern and elegant hotel that will be suitable for all people who need a fast, reliable and modern car for display of speed and power. The combination of all the specifications and fuel efficiency and price will make this SUV a real deal for many people.

Some car originally debuted ten years ago is making a comeback in the year 2017. The Toyota Auris hybrid, is an alignment of the vehicle. A much-needed facelift has done wonders for the car and bring us something that will be very profitable, providing a low consumption and they are also very useful for families as well.

The most recent Toyota hatchback came just at the moment just when they are desperately looking for a game to create and provide some kind of response to the increasing competition in the market. The vehicle that has made the work of the first Genoa this year will present the first level of hitting. There is no doubt that Toyota has finally done a good job and I hope that many of the hatchback. All the new features and numerous improvements to justify our claim vehicle.

The car still has no release date even after enjoying. But this is not a problem for the moment fans can look forward to accompanying you. Until then, it would be good to learn as much as possible about this and know more about the characteristics and technical specifications of the car. The pictures here both car interiors and more beyond and can increase performance information and other data are presented here.

2017 Toyota Auris Interior and Exterior

The interior of the car is much more and is so much better looking. The Toyota Auris has decided to update its a hybrid and comfort. What makes the visual looks much better to eat new seats and its design? It is also good that they are much more comfortable than before and this is also very useful when it comes to increase the level of comfort of the car. There is also the option of choosing between upholstery fabric, which comes in a base model, and some leather of first quality which is available at higher settings.

2017 Toyota Auris Specs Performance Update

The instrument panel has also won some changes and more vertically with some overlap and the angle of the surface. You'll find the TFT display 2.6 inch base base model car or a lower level. What Toyota was also taken here is to increase the safety of the car, so besides air bags will have anti-lock and stability, brakes, a pre-collision system, control glass Chamber, automatic beam and signs help to alert the line-out, also.

Toyota Auris 2017 will be elegant and modern design so I do not doubt that he will appeal to the younger generation, is supposed to take a format that is slightly larger than that its predecessor, the history and he could go with a three-door model, but for now it's just a rumor. Beautiful light will be specific added value to companies that will only give you the appearance of a car that is even more beautiful.

The company to use high-quality ingredients in the preparation of the Chair, this ensures comfort and problems may not accommodate 5 passengers, up to the control panel will light up with a large enough screen for this car, the wheel will no doubt contains a number of functions including audio control, adjust and other facilities that will make things easier for the driver It has no doubt the middle color screen car.

 2017 Toyota Auris Performance

Auris's power-train offers some options as choose based on model capacity.  You abase is the choice of engine of 1.6 litre D-4 D that can give the power of 112 HP and 270 Nm. also allows the acceleration of 0 to 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds and has a speed of 190 km. Alternatively, gasoline engine Turbo 1.2-litre that has the capacity to reach 116 HP and 185 Nm. come available with a 6-speed or an optional automatic transmission CVT Multidrive S. acceleration is possible in the second and most popular 10.1 speed is 200 km / h. Fuel consumption is rated at 4.7-liter.

2017 Toyota Auris Specs Performance Update

The hybrid version of the Auris will be available with petrol VVT-i 1.8 and electric 82 HP CVT also couples with motor transmission and has the ability to go from 0 to 60 mph in 6.8 seconds. The highest speed achieved by a 180 km/h and has a fuel consumption of an average of 3.8 liter 100 km.

2017 Toyota Auris Release Dateand Price

The company has not released information about the date of the official presentation of the Toyota Auris 2017. As a result, there is no information about possible sales of this model in its authorized distributors. However, it is expected that this model will be launched early next year. Production and sales are expected to start a few months later.

Because the car already had expressed in the salon of the car of Genoa this year have with all to receive information on the date of release exact. Toyota Auris, BU car line has managed to get the price right on the other side. Price base of Auirs Toyota will be $ 21,000 and prices of the Toyota Auris hybrid at $ 32,000.

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