2017 Toyota Camry Beautiful Sedan

2017 Toyota Camry Beautiful Sedan

2017 Toyota Camry Beautiful Sedan. 2017 Toyota Camry as unexpected as people thing. With bold style, wide stance, athletic and attractive colors, Toyota Camry has a striking presence. Sophisticated and comfortable interior, with camera, entry without key and possible fabric or upholstery leather, surprisingly for a medium sedan luxury. Choose from 4-cylinder and V6 models.

2017 Toyota Camry Beautiful Sedan

2017 Toyota Camry Interior

Steering wheel 3-spoke with integrated audio controls provide a grip that is second to none. Camry 2017 features has improved, easy-to-read instrument panel and easy to use, with light blue lighting. In the console of wireless charging system is standard on XLE and XLE V6 allows you to fill in your compatible smart phone with only put it on the non-slip surface of Qi Wireless charging pad. That is it. There is no cable needed!

Standard on Camry LE is a multi TFT information screen. YOU and is equipped with a Toyota 5.7 "Display audio system and 7" monitor includes the XLE and the XSE. Navigation is a premium added to the XLE V6 and V6 XSE model. With the standard USB connection and Bluetooth® capabilities can listen to your favorite songs and stay free, hands-free, with the outside world. Add a touch of subtle experience XSE sports with Premium package, including: System of monitoring of blind spot, power moon roof, garage doors and mirror with Digital Compass.

It is very important to the comfort of the driver and passengers - and 2017 Camry offers much. The front transom trim with standard control puts in front, while the back features additional flexibility with a 60/40 split folding seats. Take a seat inside to enjoy the best Camry of 2017. Spacious interior creates a feeling of light and open space with plenty of space for legs and knees. Noise and vibration level is low to make the trip comfortable for the driver and passengers.

2017 Toyota Camry Exterior

Low stance and wide Camry give a taut and athletic, while stabilization fins aerodynamic contributes to the stability of direction while driving. Combined, these improvements make the Camry the incredible journey. With icon design is smooth and continuous, Camry 2017 seems as if it was made it from a single sheet of metal. With the attitude of the advanced and aggressive grille, the Camry has the appeal of a street and then some.

Don't be surprised if you’re Camry SE or XSE often mistaken for a sports car. With unique sports grille and trunk-mounted rear spoiler lip, they will do it not only impress the passengers, but also to all those who see them drive by. Function of Camry XSE 2017 projector-style halogen headlamps not only looks good, but is also sure to get you noticed by day or night.

Camry SE Special Edition sexy go to new places with new color exclusive, unique interior accents and improved technology. Expect given head back... from the moment of that get behind the wheel. Special Edition known was Camry: available in a special production limited to 2017.

2017 Toyota Camry Beautiful Sedan

Camry 2017 has an impressive range of colors that offers something for everyone. Attractive exterior options include, metallic Pearl Ruby Flare, Blue Crush, and now metal missile Blue Streak (SE). Looks good on the streets is easy with the elegant design of the wheel, the Camry, which is available in 16-inch (LE), 5-inc (SE, XLE, XLE V6) and 18-inch (XSE, XSE V6). No matter where it takes you the way, you'll always have there in style.

With stunning stripe blue missile finish metal, available only on special editions of the is Camry, experiencing something bold and unexpected. Finished with 18-inch of aluminum, Special Edition alloy rims is Camry also offers special edition exterior badging only blue inside seam, power sunroof, Sirius XM satellite radio, Wireless charging and more exclusive features." So you take seat - and rev feeling.

2017 Toyota Camry Performance and Safety

2017 XSE Camry V6 gives a sporty ride like no other. With a strong, bold, athletic exterior and technologicallyinside is as much fun as it was suitable for each unit. More than one machine is easy with the Camry 4-cylinder 2.5 liters (SE, LE, XLE, and XSE). Not only gives you the strength that you like, also gives the fuel efficiency you need. With Dual VVT-i light and quiet, strong and lean running engine of 268 horsepower V6 3.5 l offers efficiency and fuel 9.5 L / 100 km combined while giving you a unit of power, wherever it goes.

Camry features multi-mode automatic transmission, which allows a feeling of manual gearbox through shift + (UP) / (DOWN) switch position s., XSE XSE and V6 also features paddle shifters located on the three-spoke steering wheel. Match with 4-cylinder or V6 engine, Camry change terrain 6 speed automatic transmission has been designed with one thing in mind: to improve drivability and increased performance achieving fuel efficiency.

2017 Toyota Camry Beautiful Sedan

Camry Macpherson Strut front suspension includes reversal springs for reduction of vibrations and impacts to reach a better trip. Strut Dual-link rear suspension spring optimized calls, bar stabilizers and shock absorbers for better handling and comfort. Suspension front and rear, is Camry and XSE is tuned optimally to achieve more sporting.

Camry each carry 10 standard air bags to protect the riders of larger - and confidence. These include knee SRS airbag front passenger airbag and seat back side, in addition to airbags shield to protect the heads of occupants in side collisions. Camry 2017 security star each feature as standard equipment Toyota SystemTM. The Toyota driven by the desire to make every trip a safe and pleasant as possible, star of salvation includes six technology avoid the accidents that combine to give you peace of mind.

VSC helps prevent loss of traction and wheel slip reducing engine power and apply power brake the wheels that need it. (VSC) vehicle stability control is an electronic system designed to help the driver control the vehicle under adverse conditions. This is not a substitute for safe driving practices. Factors such as speed, the conditions of the road and driver of address entry can all affect whether VSC will be effective in the prevention of loss of control.

Traction control helps maintain traction in wet, cold, lose or uneven surfaces by applying a force of brake (s) spinning wheel. ABS helps prevent the brakes, the brake pressure of blockade "pulse" on each wheel to help stay in control in emergency braking situations.

Brake assist is designed to detect "panic" or sudden braking and adds the total pressure required to avoid collisions. Brake assist is designed to help the driver to make the most of the benefits of ABS is not a substitute for safe driving practices. Braking efficiency also depends on conditions road and tire and the right brake system maintenance.

Toyota ABS technology has distribution of brake pressure electronics (EBD) to help keep the vehicle stable and more balanced braking. As extra security measure, Toyota created the system known as Smart technology greater braking stop. This advanced technology automatically cuts the power of the engine, and allow that the precedence of the decision's brake on the gas pedal when the pedal is pressed the two at the same time.

Smart stop technology of interference and the accelerator is pressed the first (Figure 1) and the brake application firmly for more than half a second at a speed of eight kilometers per hour. In normal driving conditions, will not be a smart stop as such technology is not visible. Features are involved if the brake pedal is pressed accelerator pedal. This allows for vehicles that start on a steep hill to accelerate security without rolling back (known as Hill starts). of loss of control.

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