2017 Lexus IS-F Price Specs and Release Date

2017 Lexus IS-F Price Specs and Release Date

2017 Lexus IS-F Price Specs and Release Date. 2017 Lexus IS-F (innovative sedan) combine the performance and fuel efficiency. With the new turbo engine, Turbo Lexus IS-F 241hp output and offers superior softness. It has water cooled cylinder head, multiple integrated gas and double turbocharger. The increase in 300 AWD sport F-350 AWD package will be revived, with new exterior colors for all models. This is the best.

2017 Lexus IS-F Price Specs and Release Date

Since its inception in 2007, the performance of Lexus Division has built some of the most dynamic vehicle on the road today. "F" is a descendant of grips for vehicles that are the epitome of style and performance is the blasting of high octane. When Lexus performance division at its inception, the team gathered that you will be devoted to the hiring of ultra-driver performance and extreme. Become a team of "F", as homage to the birthplace of the division and the reasons of main test, Mount Fuji Fuji Speedway, Japan.

New performance IS-F sedan is the ultimate vehicle roars to the line of high-performance Lexus' "F". Based on the famous luxury of IS-F, Lexus IS-F sedan to accomplish what few other vehicles can - world sports performance, perfection in concert with the luxury of a luxurious cruise.

Accept the direction of deportes-coche - as extraordinary Lexus IS F. A very powerful V-8 5.0 liter naturally aspirated produces 467 HP and a maximum torque of more than 389 lb ft, allowing direct shift of eight-speed sport transmission changes as little as 0.1 seconds. Torque vectoring differential controlling system offers about three differential drive modes, making the IS F the same advanced cut round as commute times. And as powerful as it is, IS F also produces maximum efficiency, Atkinson cycle cruise combine.

All about the exterior of the Lexus IS F reflects the spirit of the performance. Rear spoiler of carbon fiber, Chrome exhaust tips, four and four stacked exhaust diffusers distinguish the rear profile. Lattice spoken coil-flanked by large air vents are perfectly integrated in the front fascia, seem breathes aggression at the time which improves the cooling of the engine. The position wide, low and large 19-inch of alloy wheels direct delivery the promise of extraordinary agility."

Slip on the Lexus IS F is like entering a modern jet fighter cockpit. Seats of the mould, the type of high quality Alcantara, you embraces firmly in place during joyful maneuvers. The classic analog clock and the center of the dashboard of Grace's video monitor. Sophisticated electronic instruments including reading G-Force, and can be between four different screens, depending on driving style: Normal, sport and Eco, sport S S +\

2017 Lexus IS-F Design

Full of weapons, the Lexus IS F was immediately recognized as a grill coil f. model expanded with the pattern typical of the large air vents mesh and is flanked by the LED headlamps and L-shaped LED lights. In profile, the IS F wide sit and low in 19-inch aluminum wheels. In retrospect, stacked quad exhaust diffuser and carbon fiber spoiler provides increased cooling and aerodynamics, adds to the strength of the aggressive F. IS

It radiates the look of a fighter jet cabin, cabin F IS making high performance in every detail. "F" of the sports brand high-back front seats provide optimal keeping, performance installation covering the body like an athlete body suit. High-quality, Anti-glare, anti-slip Alcantara® trim decorates the doors, console and dashboard. Aluminum with non-slip away pedals ensures solid contact between the foot and pedal.

2017 Lexus IS-F Price Specs and Release Date

A total of involvement of the driver during driving performance, Lexus IS F has a unique model F, heating-wrapped shift knob and leather steering wheel. The logo of the grace of "F" end lower, adorned with the shift in seam with blue accent button. The placement of the wheel and handle form ensures optimal handling and available paddle shifters allows to quickly change the relation of driving hook.

Rich and bright, exterior finish of IS F improves the art painting with colors including Matador red mica and ultrasonic Blue Mica 2.0. Color layer Mica overwhelming using intricate, twice baked technical - a process pioneered the concept of vehicle and custom cars.

2017 Lexus IS-F Performance

Under the hood of the Lexus IS F is an atmospheric engine V8 5.0 liter, responsive output hp ready to track 467 and 389 lb-ft of peer more powerful V8 sport sedans ever developed by Lexus - giving the fuel with a formidable power efficiency. Engine Note F IS, with voice control, add more emotions adrenaline induces in the cabin space.

Flash settinIS and ultra-performance, unique set of sport direct shift eight-speed automatic transmission sending the drive to the rear wheels. SPD offers finger through steering wheel paddle Shift control and when not in Manual mode, detect a curve and held a low gear along for optimal response to accelerating to.

All the comforts that make the IS F exceptional handling, innovative vector torque differential list. Meticulously tuned the best circuit in the world for adequate control of the pair back, drilling of the wheel and let you experience the incredible curves with a selection of three modes of operation: standard balancing agility and stability; Slalom from an emphasis on agile Steering response; and tracks to achieve a consistent support for the accelerator.

2017 Lexus IS-F Price Specs and Release Date

Select the mode Drive lets you adjust the performance of your current IS F, make adjustments to the throttle control and response handling with four modes of transmission. Choose Eco mode fuel efficiency and optimal lighting turns to blue. Select the S or S sport + Mode, which is specifically designed to track and see the instrument panel red light as covering all the capabilities of the transmission is truly sophisticated.

2017 Lexus IS-F Release Date andPrice

2017 Lexus IS-F as the special edition with special accessories included to the package, this car model would be sold in price of $97.400, yet the price still have little bit increasing compare to last year in 2017.

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