2017 Toyota Fortuner Redesign

2017 Toyota Fortuner Redesign

2017 Toyota Fortuner Redesign. When traveling with precious burden of the family, will have to convince the confidence of knowing the Fortuner has been designed with security as a priority and highest honors ANCAP 5 star safety rating. Impact absorbing structure has been specifically improved to reduce the effects of a heavy impact and combine with seven SRS airbags to offer excellent all around protection for everyone in it.

2017 Toyota Fortuner Redesign

2017 Toyota Fortuner Redesign You also have the additional protection of a belt of 3 points with emergency locking retractors (ELR) series on the seven seats. The front seatbelts also has a seat-belt pretensions and limiters to prevent excessive load is applied force and reduce the impact to the chest if a collision occurs.

When it is towing a trailer behind you on the highway, Trailer Sway Control (TSC) automatically by using control of brake and engine output to limit movement of the trailer must undergo excessive influence due to the winds, the surfaces of variable road or wheel for the driver change. Fortuner each that you can stop safely with brakes anti-lock braking system (ABS), brake assist (BA), which help to press the brake pedal in an emergency and electronic brake distribution to apply brake power wheels that need it most.

When ceases to curb heavy, emergency signal (ESS) will automatically enable backlight of danger to warn vehicles behind. If you are driving and corning stability (VSC) slippery vehicle control using electronic sensors to control drives and braking to help keep a grip and reduces understeer. In addition to brake system of anti-lock braking system intelligent (ABS) with electronic brake pressure distribution (EBD) helps to stop quickly and safely.

2017 Toyota Fortuner Interior

In those days more hot, even have an air conditioning very efficient to keep you comfortable, to auto air conditioning in a cross. Maintain a constant speed on the highway with activated and adjusted via the control wheel conveniently mounted cruise control. When in movement, 4.2 "Multi information display (MID) provides an important information of the tour and vehicle including the temperature outside and the rate of consumption of fuel on average." When the going gets hot outside, the cold air conditioning with cooled to maintain two soft-drink 600 ml in a special compartment just above the glove box.

2017 Toyota Fortuner Redesign

The Fortuner is all you will find 15 independent and a useful storage room to store your essential utensils, glasses and more practical bottle and Cup holders. In there are 7 size chairs rank 3 quickly and easily folds and line 2 is divided into 60: 40 with one touch to provide flexible storage space and a maximum of two. Shape and interior surface flow converge to create a sense of luxury and complete application.

2017 Toyota Fortuner Exterior

Fortuner each of 590MPa high grade superior resistance to the traction of steel for the force additional and there are hundreds of points of welding provides a greater rigidity. Steel reinforced low protection provides an additional layer of Defense when traveling on a loose or uneven surface. Lighthouses of BI-Beam LED standard in the cross and is equipped with of day integrate of lights of LEDS (lights).

To provide outstanding durability and quality of handling and ride comfort, the framework has been optimized to provide links with the stiffness of cross members, side bars and suspension towers were strengthened to achieve this.

The position of the height and width of fenders check front and rear the hardness of a modern elegant lines and accentuated by the line of the eye catching belt chrome GXL and the Crusades. Front of the headlamps, with thick chrome surround on the Crusades and the GXL, combines with fat three-dimensional shapes to create trapezoid stops a bold and elegant. From behind, wrap the back glass set topped with a spoiler and shark fin antenna. GXL and the Crusades, rear tail lights also features easy see integrated LED light guide privacy glass while the GXL and the Crusades you inner silence.

2017 Toyota Fortuner Redesign

2017 Toyota Fortuner Powertrain

With origins influenced and inspired by the iconic SUV from Toyota and unbreakable variety HiLux, Toyota Fortuner and proud heritage offers already proven 4WD. It also has the technology to make light of heavy work go.

Facilitates the electronic transfer button to choose between the different heights of 2WD or 4WD and when the going gets tough, switch to low range 4WD. Steel reinforced low protection provides an additional layer of Defense to convince rebel when traveling on a loose or uneven surface.

Make no mistake, every Toyota Fortuner is a genuine 4 x 4 with the ability to take on the challenge of even the harshest conditions of Australia. You will have control of the Hill-start assist (HAC) and downhill assist control (DAC) to help when you go up or down steep slopes. Active traction control (A-TRC) automatically distributes the drive wheels with better grip for control in slippery and uneven surfaces. Lock rear differential standard on every Toyota Fortuner and most improve the Road off with pedigree and performance.

Help downhill control (DAC) [G14] standard of Fortuner GXL and cross. To the driving towards down a costs steep where the braking system of the motor is not enough to handle in minimum risk to the speed of the vehicle, brakes of power automatic controlled to keep a vehicle of low speed. It is possible to go down a slope without locking the tires while keeping the vehicle stable and allows you to concentrate on the direction of operation, even when driving down a slippery slope, steep or rugged.

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