2018 Toyota Camry XSE v6 0-60 Reviews

2018 Toyota Camry XSE V6 0-60 Reviews

2018 Toyota Camry XSE v6 0-60 Reviews. To begin, there's the styling. In its family-sedan segment, it's very same of a pink mohawk. The new car is longer, lower, and (fractionally) wider, giving it a somewhat lower-slung profile. In advance there's an angry-looking visage marked by a pinched upper grille and a gaping lower maw. For 15 years, Toyota engineers took incremental, calculated risks while maintaining the core values which have kept the Camry atop the sales Cheap. 

2018 Camry XSE v6 0-60 Reviews

But also for 2018, those risk-averse days are gone. Example one could be the Camry's daring new sheetmetal. Well, Toyota thinks it's daring; buyers will judge for themselves simply how much you are able to spice up a family sedan or through traffic and making it harder for gran and gramps to fall into and climb out of the new ride.

Who are these guys, and what other crazy risks have they taken? Have they forgotten the core competencies that everyone has affixed to the Camry nameplate? Flake out with a bowl of raspberry fudge gelato, friend, and you will discover out.

2018 Toyota Camry XSE v6 0-60 Review

Intermittent rain falls on the lush hills and verdant valleys southwest of Portland, Oregon, which ought not come as a surprise to anyone. Nevertheless, morning and afternoon squalls deposit just enough water onto the region's writhing roads to place a damper on the fun to be produced from the redesigned 2018 Toyota Camry XSE V6.

2018 Camry XSE v6 0-60 Reviews

As a result of the current weather, I experience mere hints of the Camry's newfound athletic capabilities, bursts of speed and flashes of handling brilliance heretofore unavailable in any midsize car from Toyota. Unfortunately, the wet and unfamiliar roads create an unsafe environment by which to examine the performance capabilities of an unfamiliar car rolling on wet tires, and meaning the definitive response to the question of whether the Camry XSE V6 is a legitimate sport sedan must watch for another day.

When I first saw spy shots of the camouflaged Camry prototype, I was certain that the eighth-generation sedan are certain to get an evolutionary design on the basis of the outgoing car and along with styling cues seen on small Corolla. I can't say I was wrong concerning the "evolutionary" part, but apart from some similarities with the previous model, the new Camry has a lot of new design features to brag about. What's more, it advantages of a somewhat different approach that combines a sportier stance with upmarket styling.

Simply speaking, Toyota managed to free the Camry from its dull overall design.

2018 Toyota Camry XSE v6 0-60 Engine

The first thing that catches a person's eye when considering the new sedan could be the firm wide stance that results from the lower center of gravity. To achieve the latter, Toyota made the Camry wider, while lowering the engine hood by 1.6 inches and the roof by one inch. In comparison, the wheelbase is two inches longer.

2018 Camry XSE v6 0-60 Reviews

The 2018 Camry XSE V6 is fully loaded. The only real choices are a black roof treatment in combination with Celestial Silver, Blue Streak Pearl, and Wind Chill Pearl paint colors; a 360-degree surround view camera system; and an embedded Dynamic Navigation system that replaces the standard connected navigation app. Notably, you receive three years of Dynamic Navigation free of charge, and then you need to pay for the service.

Dynamic Navigation is optional only for Camrys with a V6 engine. It is included with the top-shelf version of Toyota's new Entune 3.0 infotainment system, which also supplies the company's free App Suite technology and a JBL premium speakers with Clari-Fi technology. The speakers delivers far better digital sound than before, such as when playing music from the smartphone via the USB connection, but satellite radio still sounds somewhat muddy despite JBL's early involvement in the car's gestation.

2018 Camry XSE v6 0-60 Reviews

2018 Toyota Camry XSE v6 0-60 Performance

The Ford Fusion is just one more popular midsize, although sales are significantly behind the Camry and Accord. The Fusion (right) is also older than the two, having been launched for the 2013 model year. A renovation introduced for the 2017 model year injected new life in the sedan's exterior design. Although never as sporty as its Japanese rivals, the Fusion is arguably probably the most elegant Ford in the marketplace and the sweptback headlamps, big hexagonal grille and large taillights with the chrome strip between them give it a somewhat stately look typical to larger sedans. Being the older car, the Fusion are certain to get an overhaul sooner or later, but don't expect it to happen earlier than 2019.

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